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Friends Only !

~ girl standing at the window; salvador dali 1945

This Journal is Friends Only . . .

Dearest Friends,

If you are already on my Friends List, then you know that this journal has been F.O. since it's humble beginnings. No matter when each of you and I have connected, it was meant to happen when it did, and I am grateful for what[who]ever brought us together. Thank you immensely for your friendship.

Since you are already here, and I am not going through any kind of list purging, there is no need for you to respond unless you'd like to for any reason, such as simply confirming that you are staying on the flist (or kindly deciding to depart...) or if you have a funny story or a joke to tell in this one-time only public entry of teajade's! Quick, get it while it's hot! heee!

The main purpose of this entry, is to have an easier way for one who might be interested, to drop me a line if they would like to be added. So, just in case this does happen,
I simply ask two things:

1. Read all of the User's Page, just to be sure you really want to add someone like me.

2. Comment to be added AND include a little bit about yourself. It doesn't have to be much- at least a sentence or two.

~* TeaJade
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Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson after.

~~Vernon Law, 1930